bassoon left hand whisper key lock
bassoon left hand whisper key lock

bassoon left hand whisper key lock. Lic Tone Hole Liner Licork Tenons Liright Hand Whisper Key Lock, Type I Lihigh D Key Liring Key, Left Hand Third Finger Lib(Flat) Guard Lic(Sharp) Trill Key  (Meredith Music Resource). As a reference text, Primary Handbook for Bassoon provides woodwind methods students with a thorough background in all aspects of … Fox Renard Model 242D Bassoon Left hand whisper key lock schools and education authorities looking to add a wooden bodied instrument to their bassoon Fox Woodwinds Double Reed Instruments Bassoons Fox Renard Model 222 Bassoon. Key of C. Black maple body, full German system, long bore. The bassoon is closely related to the dulcian, an early double reed instrument with a metal crook and a tube design that doubles back on itself, and the bombarde SCHREIBER S16 BASSOON Oboes bassoons Bassoons 25 keys including high-D key Double C-touchpiece Whisper key lock for the left hand 4 This will match a scribe line on the bottom of the whisper key side of the If a body lock is used on the instrument, its closure should be made after the . Special attention should be given to the hole covered by the first finger of the left hand. Conservatory bassoon with 25 silver-plated nickel silver keys including high D, double C touch piece, left hand whisper keylock and four rollers (F-Ab, C -Eb). VENTO STUDENT BASSOON Item Number The Vento 800 Series Model 8813 Bassoon. High D Key. Left Hand Whisper key lock. C and F trill keys. The new Arthea complements the other members of the Selmer Paris clarinet family,. (Signature and .. keys, left hand whisper key lock, alternate F , Ab, and. (which we order with the high E key), left hand whisper lock, ebonite water tubes that extend into the bore, Prior to purchasing the Wolf bassoon,

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